Arapaho Road Audio Podcasts of weekly Sunday sermons from Arapaho Road.

July 9, 2017  
Speaker: Bill Sword
Everyone has times in their life when they face situations that seem to be insurmountable.  Peter and the rest of the Disciples had such an experience on the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus told them to get in a boat and cross over to other side of the sea, and that he would see them over there later.  They followed precisely what Jesus said, and yet  asthey were obeying God, an unexpected storm arose that nearly took their lives.  In the text, you will see the Raging Sea and the Desperate Plea, and the circumstances surrounding each.  Note:  Sometimes obeying God will lead one into what appears to be a Hopeless Situation - but in that situation we see the faithfulness and care of God the most.
Arapaho Road Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service at 10:45am
2256 Arapaho Road
Garland, TX  75044
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