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December 27, 2015  

Guest Speaker-Bill Sword

The word amen is found 78 times in the Hebrew O.T. and 129 times in the Greek N.T.  It was used primarily as a word of "agreement", "acceptance", "so be it", or "let it be".  In the Gospel of John, Jesus uses the word 25 times in the double form,  "Amen, Amen" (Greek N.T.), and He does so at the beginning of his statements for special emphasis rather than at the customary end.  In our text today, Jesus is emphasizing that the works He did, we will also do, and even great in extent we will do, because He is going to the Father. 

Arapaho Road Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service at 9:30am
2256 Arapaho Road
Garland, TX  75044
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